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The psychosocial wellbeing of your employees has never been more important.

Physical activity is 1.5 times more effective than counselling or leading medications in managing mental health* and health claims of employees for mental health issues are five times higher than for physical issues**. By partnering with Fitness Passport, your organisation will champion the importance of movement and support the psychosocial needs of your employees.

*  and ** cite / link studies in small print

Fitness Passport makes it easy for you to support your employees’ fitness and wellbeing as an additional employment benefit. Your staff simply select the fitness facilities they’d like to use, and we’ll provide a dedicated team to help deliver your program.

Through both choice and value, our membership packages can play an important role in your employee benefits program.

  • Program tailored to your employees
  • Highly valued by staff and their families
  • Excellent value and range of facilities
  • No direct cost to you
  • Minimum administration

We’ll collaborate with you and your employees to select and deliver the best possible range of fitness facilities. All we need is your commitment to the program, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Fitness passport has been embraced by our staff and has been a highly valued initiative under the Wellness at Work program. We have over twenty-two percent of eligible employees participating in the program with access to a large range of fitness and aquatic services. Staff feel valued by the organisation and it has inspired them to make the commitment to improve their health and wellbeing while encouraging their families to do the same.

Debra WNSW Health - North, Employer

As part of the implementation of our workplace wellbeing program we currently have more than 20 percent of our eligible workforce now participating in the Fitness Passport program. Our staff now have access to a large range of gyms and pool services. Having a more fit and active workforce means we are working towards our organisation’s vision to improve the health and wellbeing of our community.

Peter KNSW Health - South East, Employer

Fitness Passport has been a beneficial inclusion into the Darling Downs Health Staff Wellness program, allowing our staff and their families to access facilities right across the region. We have over 500 staff, and 700 of their family members participating – making physical activity and access to gyms both accessible and affordable.

Liam BQLD Health – Darling Downs, Employer